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Technician Shortage Crisis… Industry Must Help Close the Gap

It is no secret that the transportation industry is in dire need of technicians. The demand is greater than it has ever been before and the situation is only getting worse.  Up to this point, industry has tried to fill their need for technicians by offering jobs with training attached.  They are trying to recruit prospects, offer some small perks and limp by until those technicians get enough experience to actually contribute to the dealerships.  Some dealerships are hiring technicians from schools, offering such things as sign-on bonuses and tuition reimbursement and putting them to work.  While these have worked with minimal success, the problem still persists.

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Don’t Overlook Automotive Technology as a High-Tech Career Path

This blog is the first installment in Tony Molla’s three-part series highlighting the abundance and diversity of opportunities offered by careers in the transportation industry.

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