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Rising Technicians, a Tip for Success: Keep Learning

The automotive aftermarket is a $277B industry, growing since 2010 and predicted to continue. It’s fueled by consumers keeping their vehicles longer, putting more miles on them and needing more help when it comes to servicing them.

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I Experienced my Dream Career Because I’m a Tech

I have been able to do many great things in life because I am a technician. I pursued a profession which played to my innate abilities and passion, and because I’m a tech, I have had a long, successful and impactful career. That career opened up many new career opportunities but at heart, I am still a tech.

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Don’t Overlook Automotive Technology as a High-Tech Career Path

This blog is the first installment in Tony Molla’s three-part series highlighting the abundance and diversity of opportunities offered by careers in the transportation industry.

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